From the Stacks: Bird Guides

Over time I've been slowly accumulating a collection of old and outdated birding field guides. While not a deeply intentional project, my eye is mostly drawn to guides for North America.  Here's a couple that I particularly enjoy.

This 1966 Golden Guide was a $1 rummage sale treasure. 

The original owner made a handy quick-reference system.

Details in the illustrations place birds in their preferred habitat, and suggests their habits.
This guide was illustrated by Arthur Singer, an accomplished wildlife artist. 

I really enjoy the embossed design of this 1949 Audubon Guide.
Author Richard Pough's dedication reads "To my mother and father who initiated me into the happy fraternity of naturalists".

"Oak-Wild Turkey Biome". A pretty great biome to live in, if I do say so myself.

Wildlife artist Don R. Eckleberry provided the paintings for this guide. Unlike more contemporary guides, all the birds are lumped together in the middle, separate from the species descriptions.

I don't use these old guides for identification; I find they work much better as inspiration. As I flip through the pages, studying the range maps and illustrations, I find myself daydreaming about future birding adventures.